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A Deeper Dive Into Dealer EFX

Core Services

Car buyer behavior is driving vehicle merchandising to become more "digital," more "mobile" and more "personalized, which requires active and effective management of every marketing channel, but most especially Email, where your brand is presented in most cases for the first time by your sales teams.
Dealer EFX is a Complete Email Template Managed Service that solves the lead response quality problem at a vast majority of new vehicle dealerships. Dealer EFX replaces your current "home grown" templates that cause poor email response quality with professionally designed and maintained Year|Make|Model-specific, OEM-compliant, UTM-Tagged and SPAM Filter-resistant, (i.e. Image-rich yet highly deliverable) Email Lead Response Content for a simple "select & send" process any salesperson can perform.

Dealer EFX makes personalization easy. Email is the "first contact" with many of your prospects and is an important communications bridge as you guide them through your sales process. With Dealer EFX enhanced personalization you are helping to meet their expectations of a more "personalized experience" than your current lead response process can support. Dealer EFX takes on this burden for your busy salespeople for a small monthly fee.

We fix the why and how of poor-quality email responses unknowingly caused by sales personnel who haphazardly create unprofessional templates inside your CRM system and then send these "home-made" non-compliant email when they respond to your costly internet leads, reducing the critical internet prospect response rates that drive engagement, appointments and sales.

The research shows that dealers are 4 Times more likely to close a deal if the prospect responds to your email communication. This "evidence of engagement" is facilitated by our impressive lead response templates that support a "best practice" internet sales process. BUT your Salespeople likely do not have the time or the design & HTML skills for creating and maintaining appealing "First Contact" email templates using the limited template building capabilities of dealer CRMs.

Our professionally written templates are optimized to penetrate SPAM-Filters and deployed and maintained inside any CRM. This approach to email content management avoids costly new software and the associated training burden dealers dread and helps increase sales' usage of your CRM software.

Our service templates are designed specifically to support all mobile devices and helps your salespeople to consistently "present & defend" your Digital Brands whenever they respond to leads and email inquiries. This increases prospect response rates and helps personalize the Customer Experience for more deal opportunities.

Dealer EFX understands you have worked hard to perfect your lead response process so instead of forcing changes on your sales teams we align our email content to leverage your existing lead response process and give your sales teams the lead response tools they need to compete and win in our industry's "digital-mostly" sales process.

Banner Advertising Services

Dealer EFX has developed the capability to promote dealer and OEM specials and incentives to literally 100% of your internet prospects. This new service enables a completely new B2C Marketing Channel that has never been possible before now. Our B2C Consumer Advertising Program is designed to automatically promote your Dealer and OEM National Incentives, Fixed Ops Specials and General Consumer Incentives without your intervention or need to pay for expensive agency artwork. We simply review your website and emulate those incentives that best cover your marketing needs with our banner advertising service. We of course will support your own collateral that you simply send to Dealer EFX and we'll do the rest!

We recently learned that this targeted, compliant banner advertising capability can also build your F&I Product Brand Awareness in the minds of prospects well before they walk into F&I Offices. Our Consumer Advertising Program helps reduce the friction of the F&I sale, while decreasing the potential liability associated with the digital marketing of F&I products by dealer sales personnel.

Consumer Advertising helps make the F&I sales process easier and that much more productive, all within the confines of your CRM system, making Dealer EFX the engine of new F&I sales opportunities for your dealership!

B2C Advertising Service is powered by our new Email Response Quality Assurance Service's Complete Template Management System, which works within your dealer CRM, as an consumer advertising delivery platform in 100s if not 1000s of every day email communications you send. With flexible targeting you can present your brand to only in-market vehicle shoppers with Dealer, OEM and F&I brand advertising, for compliant presentations at "first contact" of online prospects actively looking for a vehicle in a dealers' inventory. OR you can expand your promotions across all email communications. A simple request and we do the rest!

Consider that "only 8% of ad impressions (your dealers are currently paying for) have the opportunity to be seen by a real person" according to The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) back in 2014, when ad blockers were still in their infancy. The view metrics of banner advertising have only gotten worse since!

DealerEFX B2C Advertising Service avoids ad blockers and enables never before possible F&I advertising that only targets real prospects actively looking at your inventory with purchase intent!

Additional Technical Services

UTM-Tagging for Analytics
Attribution is an emerging differentiator in the digital marketing arena. Those dealers better at it than the next will conquer more sales from their competitors. There are many sources of information that research has indicated are under-utilized or completely missed because they were so costly and impractical that no one bothered to gather such data. Consumer "Click-through" data from email responses was an entirely new source of valuable attribution data that no Dealer Service Provider attempted to build into a usable resource because it depended on sales personnel to UTM-Tag the various Calls-To-Action. Dealer EFX takes on this task via our systemic approach to UTM-Tagging, removing the need for sales personnel to know how to build and properly deploy specially formatted tags across the CTAs in an average email response, so that Google Analytics can process the information and give you the insights you need to compete.

Mobile Compatibility
Mobile is everything. To act like this is not true will hurt whatever digital marketing effort your store or stores may enact. Yet we see this every day in the 100s of mystery shops we perform every year. Dealer EFX designs everything from the ground up to be mobile compatible. We remove your burden by building mobile compatibility into every presentation template we provide, so you don't have to figure out what iPhones vs Android require, so you don't have to worry about the size and position of your imagery. So, you don't have to worry at all.

Multi-Level Compliance Management
Dealer EFX supports a dealership's risk management strategy by reducing the liabilities associated with proper legal disclaimer language, OEM-related requirements (i.e. CPO stipulations, FixedOps/ToyotaCare services, etc) and your own dealerships Policies and Procedures that are difficult to maintain in high turnover environment the average dealership experiences.
This relieves your sales management from constantly looking over the shoulder of your sales personnel because they are assured that every element of compliance is always up to date and always readily available for consumer review in every email response sent by your ever-changing workforce. They get to focus on what they do best, sell!

SPAM-Filter Penetration
Email deliverability is fundamental to an effective communications strategy. Dealer EFX 3rd party proven SPAM-Filter Penetration capabilities are one element of your "home-grown" templates that is simply missing. Are your sales people aware of the plethora of mistakes that can happen as they copy and paste from websites, MS Word documents and pull imagery from sites that require licensing? Dealer EFX removes this concern by only using OEM-sourced content, the proper verbiage that doesn't trip SPAM-filter Red Flags and removes any HTML code that would otherwise impede your dealership's ability to get your email communications into your prospects and clients inboxes.

Content Design Consulting
Dealer EFX has over a decade of email content and visual design experience that you can tap! Free consultations on verbiage, grammar, email communications topics and of course our world-class design skills are at your fingertips and part of our new Complete Template Management Services that help you remove the problematic "home-made" templates with our state of the art content we help maintain as part of your subscription.

Why Dealer EFX?
Dealer EFX has spent the last 10 years focusing on the email communications needs of dealerships. This is ALL we do. We have researched and listened to our customers to create the most comprehensive Email Template Managed Service on the planet. Personalization = Engagement = Higher Consumer Response Rates = More Appointments = More Sales. It all starts with their response. Dealer EFX makes that happen!



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