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Poor formatting is the number one complaint about mobile email. If an email displays poorly, no matter how good the content is, it’s likely to be deleted in under three seconds (in more than 70% of cases). As many as 15% of users will even unsubscribe, instead of delete. All in all, that’s an 85% drop in potential customers on mobile.

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This statistic sums up the impact of mobile and why you should rethink your mobile strategies immediately. Essentially, half of your potential new customer will walk away if you offer a bad mobile experience. By putting mobile on the back burner, you not only run the risk of engaging fewer new customers, but you indirectly encourage those potential customers to turn to your competitors instead. And, once displeased with your mobile experience, it can be incredibly hard to re-engage those users, even once you’ve fixed your mobile woes.

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• Colored visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80%.

• Content with images increases a view rate by 94%.

• Visuals generate more back links than any other form of content.

• Posts with images produce 180% more engagement.


What makes people love visual content, and how can you use this love to take your marketing campaign to the next level?

People are visually-oriented: 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual, presentations with visuals are 43% more persuasive, and 65% of us are visual learners.

In fact, 93% of all communication is nonverbal. Visuals attract our attention, enhance our emotions, and affect our attitude.


• Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

• 40% of people respond better to images than text.

• 50% of our brain is active in visual processing.

Visual content drives engagement like crazy, and this is nothing but simple psychology.

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